Preparing for a Session

It’s really important to eat before you arrive to a QHHT session, because sessions can be anywhere from 4 - 6 hours, and there are only restroom breaks.  It’s important to not drink caffeinated drinks prior to coming, so you are completely relaxed for the session. Clients should prepare approximately 25 questions prior to arriving to the session.  I ask clients to type, print and bring the questions with you to the session. It’s important to wear comfortable clothing that isn’t constraining. I would encourage you to take a Lyft or Uber, because parking is limited.  You will need to be prepared to eat right after the session to ground you. I would encourage you to not plan anything significant after the session. Lastly, bring an open mind and open heart. Allow the ego to have a seat outside and pick it up after the session.  We want to get all the answers to your questions, so you have to leave it behind for a little while.

Preparing Your Questions

You are asked to type out 25 questions and bring them with you to the sessions.  I’m often asked, “What type of questions should I ask?” I think it’s important to ask questions you’ve always wanted answers to. For example, “Am I on the right path with my career?”  “Should I do something different?” “What’s my purpose and am I living it currently?” “Should I keep this friend or family member my life?” “Why did I go through what I went through as a child?”  

You’re hypnotized and you don’t get too many chances to ask really important questions while you’re in a relaxed state.  Go for it! Ask questions that you’ve always wanted answers to? Nothing is too big or too small.

Examples of Questions

“What is my purpose?”
“Am I currently living my purpose or should I do something different?”
“Should I go to school? or “Should I leave my job?”
“How can I improve in order to be a better partner?”

The Recording

The hypnotherapy session is recorded, and you will receive a USB with the recording on it at the end of the session.  Many remember the session vividly. Many clients believe they were only under for 30 minutes, but they were actually under for over 2 hours.  Having a recording is really important, because there’s no way to remember everything that was said. Having this recording allows you to revisit lessons, healing and insights.  I encourage all my clients to listen to their recording multiple times after the session.