Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique




QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, some call it Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. Recently many have visited future and concurrent lives, no longer calling this method past life regression. This technique was created by Dolores Cannon 50 years ago.  She discovered the technique by accident during a routine hypnotherapy session, where a client came across a past life. Like the good researcher she was, she continued to follow the thread to see where it would go.  This was the beginning of it all and her first book, “Five Lives Remembered”. She worked for decades perfecting the QHHT method. She left a legacy by training hundreds of practitioners, writing 19 books and treating thousands of clients.  Her daughter Julia Cannon has continued her mother’s legacy after her death. Julia trained me directly.

QHHT takes clients to the deepest level of hypnosis, called the Somnambulistic state.  We experience this state two times each day, right before we fall into a deep sleep, and as we wake up.  I take clients to Theta Level and lock them in that state. In this state you see the pictures; the lives.  If you aren’t comfortable with calling these experiences past or future lives, you’re welcome to call them “pictures,” or “dreams.”  These lives offer the client a lesson and offers information to support the client in this life.

I facilitate the exploration of these lives by asking you questions while you are locked in the Somnambulistic state.  I ask questions of the life you see and you answer the questions from that person’s perspective. I ask information about the death of that life while locked in the Somnambulistic state.  With each life you are gaining information. This information will be recorded and will assist you with the answers you need for your current life. After I facilitate the lives, I will take you to Highest Self (also called Super Conscious or Subconscious) to ask questions that you prepared prior to the session.  I request that you bring approximately 25 questions (any questions) that you wish to ask your Highest Self.