Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Discover Your Life’s Purpose


Expand & Grow into Who You Truly Are


Tell Your Story

You will identify your purpose for the session. You will start by telling the story of your current life. This will allow you to feel a sence of trust and prepare for the hypnosis.

Go To Past Lives

VISIT Past Lives

Get to know who you really are by visiting with past, future or concurrent lives to gain the lessons and clarity you need. You will speak to your Highest Self (Superconscious) that will give you the answers to your questions.


Superconscious & HEALING

You will receive a healing from your Superconscious to address emotional, physical and spiritual injuries.

Elana Clark-Faler

Mission Statement

Elana is determined to assist you with raising your vibration by helping and supporting you tap into your Superconscious (Highest Self or Subconscious) in order to achieve your highest purpose.  It’s her mission to assist clients in healing and spreading the message of love, to live harmoniously with each other, and achieve our Highest Potential as a human species.